Telling Caterpillar - Because Erdelju Can'T Drive.

Erdelju, Because Erdelju Can'T Drive.

Telling Caterpillar

Halloween party

It is raining invitations for my two sons. There are birthday parties and class parties. I really have to keep my agenda up to date because it is so much you might miss something so easily. Next week one of my sons has a class party at school and the parents organize this party. Every parent brings some food and you have to write down on a list what kind of food you will bring at the party to avoid that everybody brings the same. The theme of the party is Halloween and the food has also a theme: Taco's.

Buy pumps

I've been looking for some miniature precision pumps lately for a new project I'm working on. They are kind of hard to find around here but I know of one shop that may have them so I'm going to visit them to se if they've got them. It would be such a relief if they have them because if they don't I'll have to order them and it may take a while before I get them. These pumps are vital in order to finish this project and I really need them as fast as possible since I'm in a hurry. ...

hotel reservation system

For any hotel these days it's crucial to have a working hotel reservation system. Everything is done on the computer and the more rooms you have the more important it is to have a digital booking system. Paper was good enough in its time and pretty easy to get a good picture of as well, but the bigger the establishment the more complicated to keep track of. With today's modern reservation systems you can rest assured that you'll have an optimal booking scheme that keeps track of everything you don't. As for me, I am a diehard paper advocate.

Fransk upplevelse

Frankrike har en stor kulturell historia och där med har mycket att bjuda på till alla som vill komma och besöka detta vackra land. Så när man kommer till Frankrike så vill man ju då ha någonstans att bo. Frågan är, var kan man bo? Här finns en rad av olika alternativ. Men ett mycket intressant val är att bo på ett chateau. De här husen har mycket historia att bjuda på. Varför inte kolla upp om ett chateau i Brittany skulle kunna vara något för just dig? Det här är ett mycket populärt val hos en del och ...

It is almost holiday

It is almost holiday. I could use some holiday and the children too. They are very tired lately. It started after the burglary and since that day the children don't sleep so well. They wake up quite a few times and than they call me. They want to see me and I walk with them to the toilet. After that they go back to their beds. But at this way they miss some hours of sleep everynigh and there is no time to catch up the sleep. They go to bed very early and before they go to sleep I ...